Fear and pain. ...
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2018-02-01 20:44:35 UTC
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Both Fear and pain are caused by feminist women.

There is no such thing as Fear and there is no such thing as pain.
People on other Worlds do not exepereince that kind of thing.
They are not afraid of their God and they and not afraid of being
punished by their God because they are Good people and because the
women are always in order and in their place then they do not cause

Pain comes from the voices of women.
When they are in places where they are FORBIDDEN to be such as singing
Religious music that was written for Boys, then their voices
reverberate on a certain wavelength that causes pain.

Fear is caused by feminist women being in the Wrong places, such as
Doctor or Captain or in Religion.
Feminist women do not Reassure people, they SCARE them, and eventually
you have Fear.
2018-02-01 20:47:29 UTC
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Men's voices Reassure people, which is why Doctors and Airline
Captains and of course Angels have male voices.

Only Men's voices can Reassure people and that is why the Father in a
family always deals with Fear.

Women were denied their Beautiful Male voices when they were Stripped
of their Masculinity and Manhood and turned into women.
And now they have silly women's voices.
And they have silly women's bodies.
2018-02-02 00:52:19 UTC
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Post by The BORG
Fear is caused by feminist women being in the
Wrong places, such as Doctor
I think I see you're problem. You're afraid you might end up with a female
Doctor who needs to give you an exam 'down there', while you would much
rather an Angelic male doctor perform the dirty deed.

Don't worry. Women doctors know what your pee-pee looks like. The
Universities force them to look at dirty books before they give them their
medical licences.

P.S. Why are you cross-posting to group "soc.culture.jewish"?