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2018-01-31 00:37:41 UTC
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Men all follow in the footprints of Men who walked before them.

They find footprints that other Men have left behind.

Food, drink, Music, inventions, poetry, TV shows, movies, books,
computer games, Pleasure, Musical instruments, - all kinds of things
are footprints from Men who were before them.

And the Men find them as they travel into the Future.
And ONLY the Men can find them.
The women CANNOT find them.
So Leading the way into the Future is something that Men HAVE to do
and women must NOT interfere with that in any way.

The Future is full of Wonderful and Beautiful things.
There is nothing Bad or Ugly in the Future.
The Future will only be Bad and Ugly if women interfere with the
Dominance and Leadership of the Men because ONLY Men can find the
Footprints that Lead into the Future.

But on all Worlds, Men ALWAYS Lead the way into the Future, and the
women follow the Men, so the Future is always Good and Beautiful.
The only exception to this is Earth, where the women have interfered
with the Dominance and Leadership of the Men, so they do not find the
Right Future or the Right Footprints and they find many things that
are Bad and Ugly and that cause suffering.

But women on all other Worlds, honour and respect the Dominance and
Leadership of the Men and so the Men find Wonderful Futures full of
Wonderful things.

The BORG are the MOST ADVANCE of all and we leave the First and
Original footprints.
And then many Men come after us, and they also leave footprints.

MOST Good things come from The BORG, but not ALL of them.

By the time you get to the people of Earth, many, many Men have walked
that way before and it would be very RARE and extremely unusual for
anyone on Earth to do anything New or Original.

Songs have been sung before.
Inventions already exist.
Computer games, books, stories, TV shows, movies have already been
Sport and Games already played.
Clothing and food and drink are what other Men have left behind.
2018-01-31 00:45:41 UTC
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Earth people are the only people who suffer, because they do have to
Pay a Price for the Bad things and Sins that they do.

If they were all Good, and they all behaved the way they are supposed
to, then Earth would be Heaven and there would be no suffering.
And then the women would be in order and in their place, and they
would not interfere with the Dominance and Leadership of the Men, and
then the Men would find the Beautiful and Wonderful things in the

And they would all be Happy.
And they would all be Young and have good health.

So it is the women who PREVENT Earth from being a Good place.
It is the women who are out of order and out of place and it is the
women who are threatening the Men and interfering with the Dominance
and Leadership of the Men.

Earth is Created in a certain, specific way.
Earth is Created on the Basis that the Men are ALWAYS Dominant and in
So the women actually go AGAINST Creation.
And that does cause a lot of Bad things and suffering.

But then Earth is Hell.
And Earth is where all the WORST women are.
And you will only find those kind of BAD women on Earth.
Any women who Threaten the Men or in any way interfere with the
Dominance and Leadership of the Men are always sent straight to Hell.

So all those BAD women are on Earth.

And they are not allowed into Heaven unless they LEARN their place and
LEARN how to behave.

That way Heaven stays Beautiful and all the women who would Ruin it or
Spoil it or cause suffering are in Hell.

So all the BAD women are on Earth.
2018-01-31 01:09:17 UTC
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Life is a Wonderful thing and all people are Young and Healthy and

Both Men AND women are Happy.
And the children are Happy as well, of course.
And ALL children are Loved and wanted.

It is only the women on Earth who suffer, because they do have to be
Punished for Sins such as feminism or abortion or if they Threaten any
Men or are Dominant over any Men.
They are the only women who do get old and have bad health and who

Good women do not suffer and they do not get old.
They have no problem having children, normally within 3 times is all
it takes.
They experience a small bit of "discomfort" when they give birth, and
there is no "pain".
They Love their Man all their Life and they never get divorced.

They are all vegetarian and they wear feminine clothes and they are
sweet and pleasant and good natured.
They also have a good sense of humour and laugh a LOT.
They never yell or shout or scream or use Bad language.
They never scratch or bite or hiss.
They are not stroppy or bolshy or bad tempered.

They are polite, civilized people and they live in Polite, Civilized,
And they all honour and respect the Men and they all look up to the
Men and the ALL know that the Men are in Charge and that the Men Rule
the World and the Men make SURE that their World stays Beautiful and
that there is no suffering.
So the women are very grateful and thankful to the Men, and they Love
and Appreciate the Men very much.
And they encourage and support and praise the Men, so the Men and
Society and Music and Entertainment and many other things constantly
improve and get better.

The TV and Entertainment is wonderful.
And the Music is Magic.

On Earth they used to say that behind every great Man is a woman.
But these days on Earth in front of every miserable failure is a
feminist BITCH.

It is well worth Earth people learning to behave PROPERLY so that they
can Escape from Hell and go to Heaven.

Earth is the only place where there is suffering.
Earth is where all the Bad people and Sinners are.
And for each Sin they do, there is a Price to pay.
The Worse the Sin, the Higher the Price.

And that is the suffering that waits for them in the Future, and they
will have to pay those Prices one day, and they will NOT like it when
they have to suffer.

But if they do the Sins, then they have to Pay the Price.
2018-01-31 01:19:28 UTC
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So because Earth people would Ruin and Spoil Heaven for the others who
live there, and they would cause suffering, then they do have to live
on Earth.
And there is a lot of filth and ugliness and disease on Earth, and Bad
health and old age and many different forms of suffering.

But then Earth is Hell.
It is not supposed to be a Great place.

But it is not so Bad when you consider that it is Hell.
It is a LOT better than most people would imagine Hell would be.

But it is the Lowest and Worst place and is the only place where there
is so much suffering, and it is NOT Heaven.
And all other people are Good and they are all in Heaven.

But the people of Earth can Escape from Hell if they do become Good
and they KNOW what is Right.

And then instead of being Reborn back onto Earth, they can go up to a
Beautiful place where there is no suffering.

And then they can be Happy.

But feminist women CERTAINLY are not allowed in Heaven.
Any women who threaten the Men or who are dominant over any Men or who
do any of the Men's Professions or Occupations or Interests do have to
stay in Hell.

That is PRECISELY the Sort of behaviour we do NOT want.

So all feminist women are in Hell.
2018-01-31 01:36:52 UTC
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Men do what Men are supposed to do and women do what women are
supposed to do.
Men wear Men's clothes and women wear women's clothes.
Men are Masculine and women are feminine.
And women are ALWAYS inferior to Men, and both the Men and women KNOW

And providing they do live in the Harmony and they live within the
Balance and Order and Design of Creation, then they do not suffer and
they do not Cause any suffering.
And because they live within the Harmony, they have no breakages or
crashes or accidents.

As people get more and more Good, so they go UP to Higher and Higher

And women van also get more and more good, and all women aim to be
"ladies". That is the highest and best that women can be.
Very feminine and very polite.

Men on the other hand can Aspire to be Angels.
That is the Highest and Best that Men can be.
That is unless they have Sinned with a woman.
Once they have done that, then they can never be an Angel.

All Angels are Pure, and none of them can be Tempted into Sin by any

And Men and women only perform the fornication and Obscene acts on

Men and women do NOT do that kind of thing in Heaven.

If you want to be Obscene and you want to LUST and fornicate, then you
do have to stay in Hell.

That is why Gays go to Heaven when they die.
They do NOT want to do that kind of thing with women.
And that means they are GOOD.

Only BAD Men and BAD women do that kind of thing.
It is Rude and Obscene and should only be done AFTER Marriage in order
to have children.
That is the ONLY time.
And the people should NOT enjoy it.
They should find it Rude and Unpleasant and Ugly and Obscene.

If they do enjoy it, and they want to do that kind of thing, then they
do have to stay in Hell.

We do not allow OBSCENITY in Heaven.

So if you meet a Gay who is Pure and without Sin, then wish him well.
When he dies he will go to Heaven.
Make sure you are nice to Gays, because there is a Price to pay if you
persecute them in any way.

And God has nothing against Gays, why should he?
All Angels are Men and they are all Gay.

But God is certainly AGAINST feminism.
He cannot STAND feminist women.
If there is one thing God hates, that is feminist women.
2018-01-31 01:46:40 UTC
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Feminist women are extremely UGLY creatures and they are not at all
how women were Designed and made to be.

Women have a certain Role and Place in Society which fits in with
Creation and how Creation was Designed.

And feminist women go AGAINST Creation.

And eventually you get earthquakes and tornadoes and flies and wasps
and cancers and old age and filth and disease and pollution.
You get blood and bad health and all kinds of nasty and horrible

All comes from the women.

All comes from the women who are out of order and out of place and
disrupting the Harmony and going AGAINST Creation and doing things
they are NOT ALLOWED to do and doing things they are FORBIDDEN to do.

All Bad and Ugly things come from the women.

Hell is CAUSED by the women.

If it is was not for the women, there would be no such place as Hell.

Hell only exists because the women MAKE it Hell.

And Hell is where all the Bad women live along with the Bad Men.

And we keep them out of Heaven, because they would ruin and spoil
Heaven for the others who live there and because they would cause

And that makes a lot of sense.

That way Good people can be Happy and not suffer.
And all the Bad people are in Hell.