Forcing the women to behave. ... ..
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2018-02-11 04:12:17 UTC
As long as the Men are Dominant over the women and the women are
Obedient then the Men can FORCE the women to behave correctly.
They can FORCE them to keep their clothes on and their legs together,
they can FORCE them to be polite and well mannered and they can
ENSURE that women do NOT go into any of the Men only places.

The problem arises when the Men lose Control of the women.
And women can be the most nasty and unpleasant creatures.
And they can be EXTREMELY Rude and Vulgar and Obscene and Immoral.
And they have no MORAL CONSCIOUS whatsoever.
And they have no idea of what is Right and what is Wrong.
They do not know what is suitable for women and what is suitable for
Men, not even with regard to what clothes to wear.

They are animals really.
And they are VERY inferior to Men.
Feminism merely Proves how ABSOLUTELY STUPID they are.
And how they have NO IDEA of what is Right and what is Wrong.
Or what their Place is in Society.

And so the Men HAVE to be Dominant over the women in order to FORCE
the women to behave correctly so that they can prevent the women from
causing suffering and from Ruining Society.

On all other Worlds where Men live with women, the Men are ALWAYS
Dominant and in Charge and the Men Rule the World and the women NEVER
question the Dominance or Authority of the Men.

And the women NEVER interfere in any of the Men Only places.

So the result is, that they have no suffering or old age or bad
They have a Beautiful World with nothing that is ugly, Wonderful Music
and Entertainment, and they are HAPPY.

When Men live with women it only works ONE WAY.

And that is how it works.

And you cannot stop the suffering and misery on Earth as long as the
women are not behaving the way they are supposed to.

The blame is on the women.
And the Men lost Control of them.

And now Earth is Hell.
That is what the women have done to what once was Heaven.
2018-02-11 04:26:39 UTC
The women HAVE to be Obedient because they really do not know Right
from Wrong.
And the Men constantly have to remind them of their manners and
politeness and make sure they are not Rude.

The Men continually have to keep an eye on them and correct them.

Which is usually fine with nice women.
But not the bossy foul mouthed women of Earth who most Men are SCARED
of, and they cannot correct them for fear of some horrible verbal or
physical BACKLASH.

But that is the nature of women.
And women ARE the Devil whether you like it or not.

And they are honoured and privileged to be allowed to live with Men.
But if they live with Men, then they MUST behave PROPERLY.
And they MUST obey the Rules and the Laws.

Men are The Creators.
The World, the food, the drink, the music, the Pleasure is all
provided by Men.
And women cannot even create a potato chip.
They are TOTALLY dependent on Men and they should appreciate that and
Learn to honour and respect the Men and keep out of the Men only
places and let the Men lead the way into the Future without

They are very, very lucky that there are ANY Men who want them.
The MAJORITY of Men really do NOT want them.
And if they behave the way they do on Earth, even MORE Men choose to
avoid them.

One day they may find that there are NO MEN who want them.
And then the Devil will be on her own in the Hell that they make.
And there will be no Men to provide the Music and Entertainment and
food and drink and pleasure. No men to provide the housing and
washing machines and beds and comfort.

And all they will get are pigs slops thrown down to them by Angels who

Women are horrible creatures.
The Men of Earth cannot see it because they LUST after them and want
to perform Rude and Obscene Acts with them.
But in Truth, they are the Devil.
And what they do is the Evil on the Earth.

And when the Men fornicate with them, the Men perform Devil Worship.
They have Chosen the Devil rather than God.

But Men can turn BACK to God.
They do not have to follow the Devil DOWN to Hell.

They can change.
They can turn AGAINST the Evil and Sins that women do.
And they can ESCAPE from Earth.

If not.
Then they will Worship the Devil rather than God.

But that is THEIR choice.
And if they live in Hell with the Devil, then it is THEIR choice to do
2018-02-11 04:50:57 UTC
Anyhow, we will be leaving soon.
We cannot help STUPID people who do not listen.

All we can say is that if you cannot change Earth back into Heaven,
then Best you can do is to try to Escape from Earth and go UP to a
Higher and Better place.

You COULD make Earth into Heaven if you got the women back in their
place and made them behave the way they are supposed to, but if all
the Men want is Lust and Sex and they do not listen to us, then that
is not going to be possible.

Especially as the women are such bitches and are so nasty and
aggressive violent.

So there is nothing we can do for REALLY STUPID people who just want
to do Rude and Obscene things and care not for what is Good or what is
Right or what is Beautiful.

You will just have to accept that the women have made Earth into
Hell, and do the best you can to Escape.