How much suffering and damage have the women caused? ...
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2018-02-10 19:26:07 UTC
You all know that the difference between Heaven and Hell is the
behaviour of the women.

If the women behave that way that they should, it is Heaven, but if
they are Bad women and go AGAINST God and AGAINST Creation and AGAINST
the Balance and Order and Design, then you have Hell.

And that is why Life on Earth is so Bad.
It is because of the Bad behaviour of the women.

On Upper Levels which people call "Heaven" the women all behave very
The Men are ALWAYS Dominant over the women and they Rule the World and
the women honour and respect that and they NEVER question the
Dominance and Leadership of the Men.
And there is no feminism, the women NEVER interfere in any of the
Men's Professions or Occupations or Interests or Sport.

So that means there is no ugliness, no suffering, no bad health, no
old age.
And the World is Beautiful.

No insects or pollution or bad food or drink.
The children are all healthy.
There are no premature deaths.
No crashes or accidents or breakages.
No tornadoes or earthquakes.
And none of the other horrible things that women cause when they are
Out of Order and Out of Place.

So the reason Earth is as Bad as it is and there is so much suffering
there, is PURELY due to the very BAD behaviour of the women.

But the problem is that some Men actually SUPPORT feminism and they
SUPPORT the Evil and Wickedness and Sins that women do, and if they do
that then they cannot go to Heaven.
And some Men do not KNOW that women are INFERIOR to Men.
And if they do not know that, then they cannot go to Heaven.
And if women do not KNOW that they are inferior to Men, then they
cannot go to Heaven either.

And any Men who perform OBSCENE Acts with women, cannot go to Heaven.
Sex is only performed in order to have children and only AFTER
Marriage. People should think sex is Rude, Obscene and very Ugly.
If either Men or women WANT to have sex and LIKE sex and perform Rude
and Obscene Acts with each other, either before or after Marriage then
they are NOT ALLOWED into Heaven.

We do not allow Rudeness or Obscenity in Heaven.

So all the people on Earth are DOWN THERE for Good reasons.
Basically they CANNOT live in Heaven for various reasons.
And that is why they are on Earth.

But they can change.
Men can start to SEE the Evil that women do and turn AGAINST them.
And even women can turn AGAINST the Evil and Wickedness and Sins that
women do and they can become "Good".

People all have Free Will.
They make their own choices.
But if they are not against feminism, or if they are not against
abortion or if they are Rude or Obscene, and a Range of other Bad
things and Sins that Earth people do, then they cannot live in Heaven
because they would not fit in with the Society of Heaven.

Which is as you know a Decent, Polite and Civilized Society.
Women always keep their clothes on and they always wear dresses and
skirts never Men's clothes and never trousers or shorts or jeans.
They are all vegetarian.
And they all honour and respect the Men and do not demean them or
threaten them or demoralize them.

And that is why Heaven is such a Wonderful place.

If you want to go to Heaven, then these Messages have TOLD you what
you must do and how you must behave.

Remember, it is nothing to do with Religion, although you should be
fully aware that only Pure and virginal Men can occupy any Roles in
Religion. One a Man has Sinned with a woman then he cannot occupy any
Roles in Religion. Women get VERY SERIOUSLY punished if they
interfere in Religion and even more so if they occupy any Roles.
And any Men who have had sex with women should not occupy Roles in

So if you want to go to Heaven then you know what you must do.

You must do what is Good and what is Right and you must KNOW what is
Good and what is Right.
And you must know the Truth, for example Doctor, Professor, President,
Prime Minister, Captain, Manager, Director (and others) are MEN's
Titles and women are NOT ALLOWED to use them.
That is the Truth.
And if you can PROVE that you can Live in the Society of Heaven, then
when you die you may be Re-born UP in Heaven, instead of being Re-born
back onto Earth.

And remember there are Men Only places where Gays can go if they do
not want any women around.
However there are no women only places and lesbians do not go to
If they do not LOVE Men, then there is no place for them in Heaven.

Women in Heaven ALWAYS Love Men, and their Love for the Men is the
NUMBER ONE thing in their Lives.
That is the Main reason why the women are so Happy.

And if any women do not want Men or do not LOVE Men, then they cannot
live in Heaven.

Although you can go to Heaven if you do not like women.
If you like women but do not like the women of Earth you may like the
women in Heaven. But if you are Gay, and you would prefer to Live in
a Men Only World with other Gays, then that is fine. There are plenty
of those. In fact the MAJORITY of Worlds are Men Only.

There are only very, very few women compared to how many Men there

And Angels of course are all Men.

And the Gods are all Men.

Men look UP to the Gods and Angels and they look DOWN on women.

And women are ALWAYS Secondary and Inferior to Men, and you must KNOW
that if you want to go to Heaven.

If you in any way look up to any women, then you do have to stay on
2018-02-10 19:31:48 UTC
So as you can see, it is very EASY to get to Heaven.
You have to KNOW what is Good and what is Right and make sure you DO
what is Good and what is Right.

That is one of the Wonderful things about Life, how EASY it is to get
to Heaven.

And there are only a very, very few people on Earth who are NOT in
Heaven, compared to how many people ARE in Heaven.

So there are only a very, very few Sinners and people who do what is
Bad and what is Wrong and they are all on Earth.

MOST people are Good and do what is Right.

But with the women of Earth being so Bad and so Evil and so Obscene,
it is very, very EASY to Turn Against them, and you do have to be
AGAINST feminism and AGAINST abortion in order to get to Heaven.
And a lot of Men on Earth are turning AGAINST the women and can SEE
how Wrong feminism is. It does not look Right at all.

And if it does not look Right, then it is obviously Wrong.

Men do what Men do.
And women do what women do.
And women must NOT do what Men do. And they must NOT wear Men's
So those women will not go to Heaven and they will be Re-born back
onto Earth and then they have to Pay the Price for their Sins, which
in many cases is a LOT of suffering.
2018-02-10 19:35:41 UTC
The best thing if you cannot actually Escape from Earth and get to
Heaven is to do the Most Right that you can and TRY to avoid suffering
in your Future.

See if when you are Re-born you can have a Good Life next time.

Make sure you do not persecute Gays, but you can do what you like with

Only you must not actually Kill anyone else.

And do what you can to keep the women in their place and FORCE them to
keep their clothes on and make sure they KNOW that they are Inferior
to Men.

Remember that Men can use violence or rape if necessary to keep the
women in their place.
There is no penalty or Price to Pay if they do that.
2018-02-10 19:40:46 UTC
Every woman who has abortion is punished.
But ONLY the women are punished and not the Men because the women are
responsible for motherhood.

Women are punished if they have mixed race children, or if they have
children before marriage, or one parent families or if they work AFTER
they have had children.
All those and any neglect of the children is blamed on the woman.

The Man is responsible for having the Job or Profession in order to
earn the money to support them.
And the women must do all the housework and washing and cleaning.
If she makes a Man do any of the housework then she is punished.
2018-02-10 19:46:04 UTC
The women are MUCH, MUCH Worse than the Men, and the Sins they do are
MUCH more Serious than the Men.

But on Earth are the Worst of the Men and the Worst of the women.

But however Bad the Men are, they are not NEARLY as Bad as the women.

However the Men still do Bad things and Sins, and some of them
actually Support the women in their Evil and Wickedness and Sins,
which really is not Good at all.
And some do not KNOW that women are Inferior to Men, and if you do not
know that, then you CANNOT go to Heaven.
And many Men do perform Obscene Acts with women.
And we do not allow that kind of behaviour in Heaven.

If you want bosoms and sex, and Lust and fornication and obscenity,
then you really do have to stay on Earth.

The women in Heaven are not Whores the way they are on Earth.
If you want Whores then you have to stay on Earth.
That is where all the Whores are.