The Evil that women do .......... ....
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2018-02-08 10:18:40 UTC
The Evil that women do, and the qualities and attributes of their
character has now made them OFFICALLY the Devil.

Their Rudeness and Obscenity and Immorality.
The Evil of feminism.
Their blasphemies against God and against Angels.
Their interference in matters concerning the Souls of Men.
The cold blooded murdering of their own unborn children.
And many other SERIOUS Sins and Evil that women do.

So women are now OFFICALLY the Devil.

If you have sex with a woman, it will be considered to be Devil

Any relationship that you have with women, will be considered to be
your relationship with the Devil.
2018-02-08 14:02:58 UTC
Men are made in the Image of God and in the image of Angels.

Women have the bodies of Satan.

And feminism is the Work of Satan.

Women spread Immorality and Obscenity all over the Earth, and they
spread Vulgarity and Crudity and foul language.
The Evil of Satan was Prophesied at End Times.
And women have caused the Pestilences and Diseases and Earthquakes by
going AGAINST the Harmony and AGAINST the Balance and Order of

Women are Evil creatures.

If you hate women then you are Right.
You SHOULD hate Satan.
2018-02-08 14:05:10 UTC
Make sure you are AGAINST women and do what is Good and what is Right.
Do not condone or support the Evil and Wickedness that women do.

Angels will help you in your Fight AGAINST Evil.
They are Strong Powerful Men and their Work is to DESTROY Satan.
And to DESTROY Evil wherever Evil may be.

And Evil has Risen on the Earth in the shape and form of woman.

Satan has spread her Evil and Corruption all over the Earth.
2018-02-08 14:16:00 UTC
Avoid their Unclean body fluids.
They give out Unclean body fluids when they Lust after their animal
Do not Sin with women or you will become Unclean.
And then you cannot stand before God.

Stay Pure and Virginal.
Be like the Catholic Monks and Priests who know of the Evil and
Unclean nature of women.
Be like the Gays who are Pure and Virginal like Angels and like

TURN AWAY FROM Satan and look UP toward God and toward Angels.

Save yourselves from the Evil of Satan.

There is not much time.
The End is Near.

The Evil is Risen the Prophecies speak of the Evil that Satan will do.

2018-02-08 14:20:47 UTC
Apart from that, enjoy Life as much as you can.
Well as much as you can considering the women have Totally Ruined
Society and Life on Earth.

Remember that women Caused the Fall from Paradise, and if you
Obliterate and Destroy women then you can have Paradise again.

Women Caused the FALL into suffering and when you Obliterate and
Destroy women, there will be no more suffering.

There are still some good things on Earth that the women have not
Ruined or Destroyed or made Ugly.

There is enough there to make sure you BELIEVE.
And make sure you do BELIEVE.

Remember that Science is the Religion of Satan.
And that atheism is an invention of Satan.
2018-02-08 14:24:31 UTC
Remember that Satan had her Masculinity and Manhood removed and that
is why she has no penis.
And she had her Male Voice removed, so she can no longer Sing with

If women are to be DESTROYED then make sure you are not DESTROYED with

Any who support women in their Evil and Wickedness and Sins, will be
DESTROYED along with them.

Make sure you are AGAINST feminism and AGAINST abortion and AGAINST
the Evil and Wickedness and Obscenity and Immorality that women do.

You only get One Chance at this.
Make sure you get it Right.
2018-02-08 14:27:16 UTC
And the Good and the Righteous will live in Heaven with the Angels.

And there will be no more suffering, because it is the women who CAUSE
the suffering.

There will be no more old age or Bad health.
No more Cancers or disease.

All those things will be gone once the women have been DESTROYED.

It was the Evil of women that CAUSED those things.
It was the Evil of women that CAUSED all the suffering on Earth.

Satan will be CAST OUT and DESTROYED and there will be no more Evil.

As it says in the Prophecies, the Evil on Earth will be DESTROYED.