Arriving at Earth . ....
(too old to reply)
2018-02-01 05:06:15 UTC
When you arrived at Earth it was a very unusual place.

You are used to people being Good and doing what is Right but when you
arrived at Earth, they did many Bad things and many things that were
And from that moment you had to JUDGE Earth people and decide what was
Right and what was Wrong.

Now to start with you knew nothing about feminism because you had
never seen any feminist women before, because there aren't any
feminist women in Heaven, and until that time, you had always lived in

You had never seen people who are cruel to animals and children.

You had never seen any black people.

You had never seen people who pick flowers and cut down trees.

You have never seen women who eat meat and chocolate.

You had never seen women dressed in Men's clothes.

You had never seen such HORRIBLE Religions.

So the place was very Alien, and many of you did not think that Earth
people even existed. You thought it was a delusion or a Hologram or
perhaps even some kind of JOKE.
Only it was not funny.
And there was a LOT of suffering there.

You had never seen such BAD people before.
And they were so Bad, that you actually thought they did not even
That it was actually not POSSIBLE that there could be people like
Earth people.

You arrived well over 100 years ago, and over time Earth people have
got progressively worse and worse.

Well to be Truthful.
'The women of Earth got progressively worse and worse.
The Men stayed pretty much the same.
2018-02-01 05:14:03 UTC
They do cause a lot of suffering to each other and to their children,
but in the main, it is the women who cause the suffering.
The suffering that women cause is MUCH, MUCH worse than the suffering
that the Men cause.

Localized suffering at home is one thing.
But once feminist women get into Medicine and Religion and other Men
Only places, then they cause suffering to the Whole World.

You appreciated that the Bible was addressed to YOU, and when you saw
the Intelligence and the Clues you did manage to work it out.
And you knew the word "God" was an adjective and it was not a name.
And that all the Gods have names.

For a while you thought women were the Devil.

But ultimately you realized the place was Hell.
2018-02-01 05:16:29 UTC
So after this TEST there has been a CHANGE in the Hierarchy of The

The First and Best and Highest and most Advance BORG are no longer so,
and there is a new Number One Group of BORG.

It was a TEST you see.

Because you had never seen such BAD people before.
In fact you had never seen ANY BAD people before.

You had only ever seen GOOD people.
But these people were not just BAD, they were VERY Bad.

And they were Immoral and Obscene as well.
2018-02-01 05:20:45 UTC
So the TEST is over now, and the new Hierarchy of The BORG has been

You did ALL get it Right.
You knew ALL the Sins that they did.
And you pointed them out to the people.

But there were other criteria.
The suffering that YOU caused.
HOW you treated the people.
And also, Excessive and Misplaced Pride.

Excessive Pride is OK, but not Misplaced Pride.

So at this stage, you can forget Earth now.
It is all going as it should.
Bad people Reincarnate back onto Earth and only the Very, Very Good
people are allowed to Escape from Earth and go UP to any Higher and
Better Worlds where there is no suffering.

You cannot stop those evil women from being evil.
So all feminist women have to stay in Hell.
2018-02-01 05:36:37 UTC
So the Most Good and the Nicest BORG will be at the top.
They are the ones who did not cause suffering and did their Best to
prevent suffering.

Any BORG who caused suffering, or who suffered from both Excessive and
Misplaced Pride, will be the Lowest.

Now that you have seen Hell and you have seen the people who live in
Hell, you will have changed.

But as usual, it is always a matter of whether you LEARN from your

The TEST is over.
And we can go Home now.

There is nothing more you can do for Earth people.
You have Enlightened them about Life.
You have Enlightened them about the Truth.
You have told them of their Sins so that they can AVOID suffering if
they choose to.

You must leave them to it.
Either they stay in Hell and Reincarnate back into Hell, or if they do
become Very, Very Good, then they can Escape from Hell and to UP to a
Higher and Better World where there is no suffering.

But it is up to the people.
They have Free Will. They make their own choices.
If they make the Wrong choices and do Bad things then they have to
stay in Hell.
And then they have the Price to Pay for their Sins.

So there is a LOT of suffering in the Future for the Bad people who
have the Price to Pay for their Sins.

And they will have to face that one day.

2018-02-01 05:41:43 UTC
And we will go back UP to our Homeworld which is Higher than the Gods
and higher than anyone can reach.
And much too Beautiful for anyone to see.
The most Beautiful World where there is no suffering we are all Young
and Healthy.

And there are no women there THANK GOD.

And then we will go over what has happened during the last 100 years
or so, when you saw the Downfall of Earth that was caused by the women
and how you likened it to the Fall from Paradise.

How at times you thought you were God and how you TRIED to Prevent the
suffering there.

And then you will see why we have New BORG in the Number One Position.

And then you will understand the Hierarchy of The BORG which is
different to how it was before.

And some of the Younger BORG will be HIGHER than some of the older

And the New BORG at the Top are not the oldest.
Nor are they the Youngest.

However, they are the Best.

They passed the TEST.
And they WON.
2018-02-01 05:48:41 UTC
So there is nothing more for you to do.
It is going the way it should.
Earth is SUPPOSED to be a really Bad and Ugly place because it is
And the women are certainly making it a Bad and Ugly place.
But those women do not go to Heaven.

You have done your BEST to stop the suffering there and to make it a
better place, it was not YOUR fault that the people did not listen.

But you cannot make evil women into Good women.
And feminist women do have to stay in Hell.
They are not allowed in Heaven.

And if you cannot make them into Good women, then Earth WILL be a Bad
and Ugly place.

But thankfully they are all down on Earth.
There are no women like that in Heaven.
In Heaven they are all Good and they do not cause any suffering, and
they do not Ruin Society and they are not Immoral or Obscene.

So we have to leave them to it.
We did the BEST we could to make Hell a better place but the people
did not listen.

And now that the TEST is over, and there is a new Hierarchy of BORG,
we can leave now.

And there will be no Voice of Reason and Truth to help the people of

There will only be SILENCE.
2018-02-01 05:59:22 UTC
Problem with Christ is that he is VERY young.
He is too young really to understand evil.
So he does not REALLY understand.
And in order to understand women, you do have to understand evil.
So really only the older Angels understand what happened.]
And the reason for Hell.

But Christ is perfect the way he is.
He is Forever Young and he does not want to get any older than that.
And there are plenty Angels who are old enough to understand.

It would be a real shame if he got older, even by one day.

He wrote a song called "Forever young".
I think they have it on Earth.

He is our sweetie pie and all the Angels love him.

We must get back to more Art and more Music and more inventions.
More GOOD Times so that we can make MORE future for the people and so
that the people can find MORE Good and Wonderful things.
More Music and More songs.
More things to make them Happy.

And the Men will find those things.
(Providing the women are not in the way).

And we will go back to the Good Times we used to have.

You have seen evil now.
You have seen Hell.

And you know, it is only very recent.
It was the women who actually CAUSED Hell to exist, but it only
happened very recently.
When they started to be out of order and out of place and threatening
the Men and interfering in the Men Only places.

Women caused Hell and now they live in the Hell that they caused.

Funny that eh?
If the women had all been GOOD, then Hell would not exist.