Feminism is WRONG. ... .
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2018-02-13 04:50:44 UTC
Feminism is Wrong. And if people do what is Wrong, then it is BOUND
to have a Bad effect.

If women go into places where they are NOT ALLOWED to be, and do
things they are NOT ALLOWED to do, then of course it will have a Bad

And the Whole World is suffering because of feminism.

Even the children.

Even the women are suffering, but Angels have no sympathy for women,
because the women are to BLAME for all the suffering.

Men are Made to be Dominant and Superior to women.
That is how they are Made. And that is how they are Designed.

That is why Men are Taller and Stronger than women, and have many
things that women do not have not only in the body, but also in the
Mind and in the Intelligence and in the Spirit and in the Soul and in
their Connections to God.

Women are VERY, VERY inferior creatures.
Women are worthless.
They really are worthless.

Men can do anything better than women and they can manage perfectly
well without women.

Problem is, that women CANNOT manage without Men.

So which Men get STUCK with them, when no one wants them?
Which Men do we leave with them?
Who wants the Burden of being STUCK with a load of worthless, foul
mouthed, bitches and pigs?

Well not Gays that is for sure.
They are the Men who are like Angels.
They can go to Heaven, and do not have to be STUCK with those whores.

It all depends on who "Worships the Beast"
Any Men who Worship the Beast are the Men who get STUCK with them.

If they want to perform Rude and Obscene Acts with such Foul and
Horrible creatures, they are WELCOME to them.

And they can stay DOWN on Earth with their lewdness and Immorality and
Obscenity, performing Lewd and Obscene acts with a load of worthless

And they can perpetually reincarnate back on Earth over and over again
with all the filth and disease and misery that the women cause.

And that will remove all the women out of the way.
And remove them from the Future.
And contain them DOWN on Earth so that the Good Men and Angels do not
have to have sight or sound of them.

And that will be the end of that.
2018-02-13 05:04:43 UTC
So if you "Worship the Beast" - if you Lust after women and want to
perform Lewd and Obscene acts with them, then you will be stuck on
Earth and have to look after the women.
And you will perpetually reincarnate back onto Earth.

The Good Men who do NOT want women, will go to Heaven.

And that is PRECISELY what the Prophecies say in the Bible.

Then there will be no women in Heaven and no women in the Future.
Which is JUST the way we like it.

At last, we have managed to GET RID OF THE WOMEN.
We have managed to palm them off on some Men who actually WANT them!!!

A very convenient way of doing it.
And no one suspected a thing.

In fact, quite the opposite, they thought that being Gay was wrong.
But not at all, it was the Lust and Obscenity with women that TRAPPED

Now they are STUCK with those Worthless pigs.

And we have GOT RID OF THEM.

God is very clever eh?
No one suspected a thing.
No one thought it was sex with women that was Wrong.
That sex with women would be what would TRAP them and deny them