The bodies of women ... ..
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2018-02-11 02:28:11 UTC
As you know, Men are made in the Image of God and in the Image of

But the bodies of women are the Shape and Form of Evil.

What this means is that their bodies will attract BAD Men, but will
REPEL Good Men.

If women expose their bodies in Public and on TV and discuss their
genital hygiene in Public and on TV this will DRIVE Good Men away.

In other words it will DRIVE the Gods and Angels away.

The more a Man is attracted to the bodies of women and the more they
LUST after women and want to perform Obscene Acts with women, then the
Worse the Man is and the more BAD he is. It means he is attracted to

The more a Man is REPELLED and REPULSED by the bodies of women and by
their womanly things, then the more GOOD the Man is. That means he is

And that is how the Gods can TELL if a Man is Good or Bad.

If they put them on Earth and expose them to women, that is how they
KNOW if a Man is Good or Bad. And they can tell HOW Good and HOW Bad
a Man is.

That is why Gays always go to Heaven.
If they die in a state of Purity, without Sin, and they have never had
sex with a woman and never wanted to, that means they are Truly Good.

The Religions are all Fabricated, you should know that.
And they are full of false Trails and false clues.

And many Men think that fornication and obscene Acts with women is
actually Right and they openly persecute Gays.

But not so.
That is actually Wrong.

And it is the Gays who go to Heaven because they are REPELLED by Evil
which means they are Good.
And the more a Man LUSTS after the bodies of women and the more they
want sex with women, then the more BAD a man is.
2018-02-11 02:32:52 UTC
In a way it was a Blind Test, because no one on Earth really knew
what the answer was.

But it was surprising just how NASTY they were to Gays, when there
were many passages saying VERY Bad things about women, using the same
words and terminology that they completely ignored.

But that was because the Men LUSTED after women and wanted to somehow
convince themselves that Fornication and Obscene Acts with women was

But it was not.
And it only goes to show how NASTY those kind of people are, compared
to how NICE Gays are.
2018-02-11 02:43:01 UTC
The women are OBVIOUSLY very Evil creatures.
Not only in feminism and other Sins and Evil they do, but in their
Vulgarity and Rudeness and Obscenity and Immorality.
And it is NOT OK to murder their children before they are even born.

Life is a Miracle and should be treated as so.
Women have no right to deprive a person of their life.

Only God has the Right to do that.

And only God has the Right to decide who goes to Heaven, and NO ONE on
Earth had the Right to imply in ANY WAY that Gays would not go to

There are FAR MORE Bad passages about women than there are about Gays.
And it was very obvious that is was women who would not go to Heaven
and those who lusted after women or who supported the Evil and Sins
that women do would not go to Heaven either.
Right from the start when women were to Blame for the Fall from
Paradise due to their Disobedience, it states that women were to blame
for all the Suffering on Earth, right to the Last Prophesies where
they speak of the Evil and Corruptions of women and how God will

It was ridiculous that the people LUSTED so much after Sex and
Obscenity that they were completely BLIND to the Truth and refused to
see the bad things written about women.

And in order to try to justify their Profanity and Obscene Acts they
tried to make being Gay look Bad.

Which was unfortunate considering Angels are all Men and they are all
Gay and so is Christ.