Women are Disobedient creatures.
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2018-02-13 03:59:43 UTC
Women are, by nature, Disobedient creatures, which is unfortunate, as
one thing they do HAVE to be, is Obedient.

In order to FORCE the women to be Obedient, the Men are allowed to use
violence or even rape. And there is no penalty if Men are violent to
women or if they rape them.
Men HAVE to keep the women in their place, otherwise you get the
Miserable MESS that Earth is in today.

Earth is DOWN at a very, very LOW level because the women have become
Dominant over many of the Men and have FORCED Earth DOWN to the much,
much lower level of women, when it should be UP at the much, much
Higher Level of Men.

That is why one of the Rules is that
"Men MUST always be Dominant over women. Women are NEVER allowed to
be Dominant over any Men".

And when women FORCE the World DOWN to the much, much lower level of
the women, then you get Science, Atheism, Insects, Pollution, mouldy
bread, sour milk, sewage and many other foul and horrible things,
which happen because Earth is MUCH TOO LOW DOWN.

You see, the Higher things are, then the better and more Beautiful
they are.
The Lower they are, then the Worse and more Ugly things are.

And Worlds where Men live with women, MUST ALWAYS be UP at the level
of the Men.

So women must NEVER be dominant over any Men.
And Men MUST ALWAYS be dominant over women.

If the Men were ALL Dominant over the women, and they destroyed
feminism and removed the women from all the Male Only Domains, this
would CAUSE the Return to Paradise, and Earth would get more and more
Beautiful and the suffering would get less and less, until you would
have a Wonderful World, with no suffering, no old age, no bad health.

It is PURELY because of the women that Life on Earth is so BAD today.
2018-02-13 04:06:42 UTC
Creation and the World are Made and Designed in a Certain way.
Creation works According to Man, and it does NOT work according to
That means that Creation can physically alter and change according to
But it will not in any way change according to women.

The Future can only be found by Men.
What is in the Future can only be found by Men.
So if women become Dominant and they start trying to "lead" then they
CANNOT find the Future.
And they will produce foul things and ugly things and things that
cause suffering.

The Problem with Earth, basically, is the women.

If the women behaved the way they are supposed to, then Earth would be

But because the women are out of order and out of place and
interfering in Male Only Domains, then instead of Heaven, you have

And all the suffering and ugliness and misery on Earth is CAUSED by
the women.
They are to BLAME for all the suffering on Earth.

It is the women who are doing the Evil and Sins.
It is the women who are breaking the Rules and the Laws.

It is the women who are preventing Earth from being Heaven.
It is the women who are to Blame for all the suffering on Earth.
2018-02-13 04:17:34 UTC
The problem with Earth is that so many of the Men LUST after women and
want to perform OBSCENE Acts with women, that they REFUSE to see the
Sins and Evil that women do.

In order for the Men to perform their Obscene Acts with women, they
have to allow the women to do what they want.
So many Men actually Support the Evil and Sins that women do.
Not only that, the women are such foul mouthed bitches and pigs, that
if the Men do not give way to them, they make their lives HELL.
So the Men give in to them in order to avoid their Satan's tongues and
foul mouths.

This give confusing messages to the women, because Men should be
saying NO to feminism and making sure they keep the women OUT of the
Male Only Domains.

But they are not saying no.
In many cases they encourage women to do things that are ABSOLUJTELY

If ALL the Men were AGAINST feminism, then they could prevent the Evil
that is on the Earth.
And then Earth would be Heaven.
And there would be no suffering.

But the Evil on the Earth, has caused Earth to become Hell.

And the women are to Blame for all the suffering on Earth.

God never SENT the women to Hell.
The women CHANGED Earth into Hell and the women are now all in Hell.
Problem is that the Men are there with them.

And the Men are NOT to blame.

So what happens next?
Man cannot fight the Devil alone.
Man cannot fight Evil alone.

So will God assist them?
Or will God's Angels (who are all Men) assist them?

It says in the Prophesies that God WILL Destroy feminist women and he
WILL Destroy the Evil that is on the Earth.
And he will Destroy anyone who in any way condoned or supported
feminism or the Evil and Sins that women do (such as abortion).

And that will be the Judgment or Apocalypse.
When the Evil on the Earth is DESTROYED.

And it is women who are the Evil.
And it is any Men who support them or encourage them.
2018-02-13 04:28:00 UTC
Gays on the other hand, the Men who do not have sex with women and
CANNOT have sex with women are the ones who go to Heaven.

They are the Men who are like Angels.
They are the Men who are like Christ.
Angels are Christ are PURE and without Sin.
And they NEVER have sex with women.

And the Catholic Church is making their best endeavour to keep the
Evil women OUT and ensuring that they stay Pure and Virginal and
Celibate and without Sin because they know of the Evil of women and
their Unclean body fluids.

The Prophecies say that the Catholic Church will endure against Satan.
And so far they have managed to keep Satan out.
And they do NOT allow women in the Catholic Church.

But the Unclean creatures that women are, have invaded many Male Only
Domains and Male Territory and caused terrible corruptions and
ugliness and suffering.

But the Prophecies say that they WILL BE DESTROYED.
Along with any Men who in any way encouraged or supported them.

And the Judgment or Apocalypse will be when God and his Angels DESTROY
the Evil that is on the Earth.

And by doing that, Earth will Return to Paradise.