The Biblical rise of Evil and Corruption - feminism
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2018-01-31 19:46:37 UTC
It was not so long ago, as recently as the 1950's, that the women were
in order and behaved the way that they should.
They all wore dresses or skirts, clothes up to the neck and below the
knee, they kept their legs together and did not ride horses or open
their legs in public or do anything that was considered very "rude" -
they were all virgins when they married, there were no unwanted
children or bastards, there was no abortion, no divorce, and there was
no feminism. Doctors were all Men. Army, navy, air force were all
Men. Government, Science and all Male Professions and Occupations and
Sport were all done by Men.
There was no Immorality or Obscenity.
And things were as they should be.

Feminism and the disastrous effect it had on the World, along with the
very Evil and Immoral influence of the women on Society has only
happened in recent times.

And this Rise of Evil and corruption was Prophesied in the Bible.
If you read Revelations in the New Testament, you can see it depicts
very Clearly, the rise of Evil and the harm and damage and Corruptions
that the women will do to the World.

But it also states that the Evil will be destroyed.
And any Men who support or encourage the Evil, will be destroyed along
with the women.

So feminism, and the Rise of Evil and corruption that came from the
women was a Biblical event, and is clearly Prophesied in the Bible.
2018-01-31 19:49:31 UTC
This is because the Future is known.
And Prophecies can be written BEFORE they happen.

So feminism and the rise of the Evil and Immorality of the women and
the Corruptions they caused, was known LONG before it happened.

And because it did happen, then Earth and Life on Earth changed

It changed from Heaven into Hell.
2018-01-31 19:54:51 UTC
So it was the women on Earth who caused Hell to exist.

And Earth is now Hell.

And the whole place is in a state of Disorder and Chaos and Disarray.

There is a HUGE amount of suffering and ugliness.
Old age and cancers and disease.

And it is all because of the women.
The women went AGAINST God and AGAINST Creation.
They disrupted the Harmony and went AGAINST the Balance and Order and
Design of Creation.

All the bad things and ugly things on Earth are there because of the

From wasps and flies to cancers and pollution to earthquakes and bad

They are all caused by the women.

So you can see from the Biblical Prophecy that this was KNOWN.
And the Gods and others KNEW what the women would do and about the
ugliness and misery and suffering that they would cause.

So naturally there would be Plan.
There would be a solution.
There would be a method of DEALING with such BAD women.

It is only a matter of time until the Evil is destroyed.
2018-01-31 19:59:17 UTC
The Men have plenty time to SEE how Bad and how Wrong and how Evil the
women are and they have plenty time to turn AGAINST the evil that
women do and to be AGAINST feminism and abortion and immorality.

Because it does state clearly that when the Evil is destroyed, that
any who condone or support the Evil will be destroyed along with the

The Prophecies are coming true.
And Revelations is coming to pass.

It is only a matter of time until the women of Earth are destroyed.

And the Men had better make sure that when that happens, they are on
the side of Good and not on the side of evil
2018-01-31 20:06:35 UTC
If you are on the side of Good and you are SAVED, then this is called

If you are on the side of Evil and you are DESTROYED, then this is
called Damnation.

So make sure YOU are against the Evil.
Make sure YOU are against feminism and abortion and against the evil
and Immorality of women and against the corruptions that women cause.

You only get One Chance at this.
So make sure you get it Right.