The Hierarchy of Life. ...
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2018-01-31 22:22:44 UTC
The lowest form of Life are women.
All women are Lower and Inferior to Men.
Women range from the Best of the women who are "ladies" who live at
the top in the best and most beautiful Worlds that women can reach,
right down to the Lowest and Worst of the women who are the feminist
pigs and the bitches and the Whores who live on Earth.

Next up from women are Men who do obscene things and fornicate with
Those Men have lost their Purity and their Power and they have become
They also all live on Earth with the feminist pigs and bitches and

Higher than those Men are Men who will have sex with women in order to
have children, but they find sex ugly, rude, unpleasant and obscene.
However they can FORCE themselves to do it in order to have children.
They live in Heaven with GOOD women who are NOT feminist pigs or
bitches or Whores.

And those kind of Men go right up to where the ladies are.

Higher than those Men are Gays.
And Gays are like Angels in that they CANNOT have sex with women.
And that means they are GOOD.
They cannot be tempted into Sin by woman and they have not lost their

They all live Higher than any women could reach.

Higher than them are Angels are other Men who help or assist the Gods
and Gods choose those Men from the Gays.
They all have to be Pure and without Sin and cannot be Tempted into
Sin by woman.

Higher than those Men are the Gods.

Obviously the Gods are all Pure and without Sin and they also cannot
be Tempted by any woman.
Most of the Gods Rule over Men Only Worlds.
Only a very, very few Gods are prepared to Rule over women.
And women are all down at the lower levels.

Higher than the Gods are The BORG.

And we are in charge over all.
So we look after the Gods and keep an eye on the Gods as well as
looking after the Angels and the people.

We are THE INTELLIGENCE and we are the First and Original Creators and
we MAKE the Future.
2018-01-31 23:38:46 UTC
To start with, all the people were equal and the same.

Over time as some Men got more and more Intelligent and began to be
Rulers of their World, we created the facility for Men to become Gods.
Those Men in turn chose Helpers and Assistants or Angels from the Men
they Ruled over.

Most Men went UPWARD and became better than they were.

At the time there were no women.

But over time some Men became VERY BAD.
And eventually as a Last Resort we turned the WORST of the Men into

That was how we got rid of them.

And women became the Lowest form of Life.

As such, there are only very few women, compared to how many Men there
And there are only very few Men who support the evil of feminism or
abortion, or who do Rude and Obscene things with women.

And all those Bad people are on Earth.

The rest of the people are in Higher and Beautiful Worlds where there
is no suffering.

So although most of the Men went UPWARD, some of the Men went DOWN and
became VERY BAD, and those Men were turned into women.

So no matter how Bad Men are, they are ALWAYS better than women
because if they were REALLY BAD, then they would have been turned into

However the Men on Earth are the WORST of the Men.
And the women are the WORST of the women.

That is why Earth is such a Bad and Ugly place and has so much
The people do many things that are Bad and Wrong. And for each Sin
they do, there is a Price to pay.

That means they suffer in their Future.