Islamic Republic of Iran has used $1,700,000,000 Obama gave it to finance jihad terrorists [Islamic, Muslim terrorism]
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Dr. Jai Maharaj
2018-02-11 04:35:10 UTC
Islamic Republic of Iran has used $1,700,000,000 Obama
gave it to finance jihad terrorists

Friday, February 9, 2018


Jai Maharaj, Jyotishi
Om Shanti

2018-02-11 11:01:53 UTC
By Jim Taylor

I believe I can, in one fell swoop prove that we have the
dumbest country on earth. All I need to do is mention that since 1948,
Americans have given Israel over 15 million dollars a day from your
salaries, paychecks and various earnings. No other nation on this
earth is dumb enough to do that not even the African ones. And to make
it worse you people do it gladly and with joy in your hearts. No one
complains, except me. Everyone else seems to think it is all right for
every American citizen to be robbed in this manner every day of their
lives with no end in sight. Can any nation be dumber that this? Most
Americans are so enslaved via Zionist propaganda and government
pronouncements that they think we owe this money so the Israelis can
live a much better life than in the good old USA. They have luxuries
you cannot afford. They take vacations all over the world which
Americans on average cannot afford. And when they do this they always
America and criticize you people who are the very ones who provide
them with these opportunities. I say you cannot get dumber than that.
The Israelis buy expensive things with YOUR money and then make fun of
you for being this dumb.

The worst part about this involuntary servitude is that the cruel
and criminal Israelis use YOUR money for arms to murder Arabs on a
daily basis, and sometimes they also kill Americans with your money.
So every American taxpayer is guilty of murder because under the law
anyone who pays someone to commit murder is equally guilty.

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