The Philosophy of Life ...... ..
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2018-02-11 03:35:57 UTC
There are a set of Rules and Dictums that all people and Gods and
Angels live by.

It is quite lengthy.
The First Rule is that you must NOT cause suffering to others.

Then you have the One Right and the One Truth.

Then you have the Definitions of what is Good and what is Beautiful.

Then you have the Values. Things that matter, Which you must not
profane or abuse in any way.

When you list all this out in detail, it is quite a lengthy

But in general the people have abbreviated this to one sentence.
What they say is that
"If you are Good and do what is Right, then you do not suffer".
And so that is what people live by.

And that is True.
If you are Good and do what is Right then you do not suffer.
2018-02-11 03:43:19 UTC
Before The BORG came along and TOOK OVER, the Gods used to be in
And they only had One Rule, and that was
"The suffering you Cause, is the suffering you Receive".

And this was an effort by the Gods to stop people from causing
suffering to others.

But there was no actual recourse as to what was Right.

For example if Parents sent their son to boarding school when he was
10 years old and the boy was very unhappy, then the parents would
suffer, because the suffering they caused, they then receive.

But if the boy was Happy, then the parents would not suffer.

This was regardless as to whether it was Right or Wrong to send a boy
to Boarding School at the age of 10.

So this was very confusing for the people.

So when The BORG Took Over, they made the suffering Rule relative to
what was Right.
And the Rule on Boarding School is that you must not send a boy to
boarding school until he is age 13. So the suffering comes from the
Price that parents have to Pay for sending a boy to Boarding School at
the age of 10, regardless of whether the Boy suffers or not.

And people preferred this.
They preferred how The BORG did things to how the Gods had done

Then is was much easier.
Providing the people did what was Good and what was Right, then they
did not suffer.

So The BORG became very Popular and people preferred them and their
method of Rule to the Gods.

And The BORG are ALWAYS Right.

And the people know that .
2018-02-11 03:54:11 UTC
Good people always really LOVE The BORG because The BORG have made
things so much better than before.
There is much more wonderful Music and Songs, and food and drink, and
nature and scenery and Pleasure and all kinds of things.

The only people who do not like The BORG are the ones who SUFFER, and
the Reason they suffer is because they have a Price to pay for things
they have done which are Bad or Wrong.

And that is why there is so much suffering on Earth, because the
people there do so many things that are Bad or Wrong.

And people do not like it when they suffer, but it is their own
They suffer because of Bad things that they have done and they are
Paying the Price.

But people do all say that "If you are Good and do what is Right then
you do not suffer". And that is very True.

And that is how The BORG Rule and Run things.

And on all Worlds the people and Gods and Angels follow The BORG
philosophy and they are all Happy and they do not suffer.

The only exception is Earth.

And they do some REALLY Bad things there and the women are VERY Wrong
and VERY Bad.

And so as a result they have a lot of suffering on Earth.

But Earth is the only place.

All other Worlds are much, much Higher up.
If they have Men and women, then they are ALWAYS at the Level of the
Men who are Always Dominant and in Charge and the women never
interfere with that.
If they do, then they drag the Whole World DOWN to the much, much
Lower Level of the women, and it is VERY UGLY Down there.

We have been telling Earth how to stop the suffering for many years
now but the women continually get Worse.
And they will ALL suffer in their Future, and they cannot avoid it and
they really will regret feminism and abortion and their other Sins
when the time comes to suffer.

And there will be No Mercy.

ALL People have to Pay a Price if they do what is Bad and what is

Remember what people say
"If you do what is Good and what is Right then you do not suffer".

So you can be SURE that if women do what is Bad and what is Wrong,
then they certainly will suffer.
And so does anyone who does what is Bad and what is Wrong.

That is how Life is.
That is how Life is Run.

That is to ENSURE that people behave correctly and they do not cause
suffering or Ruin Society and that in turn ensures that the people are

And that is how it is everywhere except on Earth.
Earth is the only place where there is suffering.

And it is MUCH, MUCH lower DOWN than anywhere else.
It is DOWN at the level of the women, when it should be MUCH, MUCH
Higher up at the Level of the Men.

But we have been telling Earth people this for years.
And nothing has changed.

So they will have to continue to live in the Hell that the women have
And they will get Re-born back there and then they will have to Pay
the Price for their Sins.

And it could so EASILY be avoided.